Top 5 Reasons To Buy An Electric Bike

Top 5 Reasons To Buy An Electric Bike - Rider Cycles

Top 5 Reasons To Buy An Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a relatively new addition to the bicycle world. They combine electric motors with traditional bicycles to give you an extra boost of power, allowing you to commute faster and more efficiently. E-bikes are eco-friendly, economical and fun. They are perfect for anyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying their city life to the fullest! We think an electric bike would be a great addition to your life. Explore the 5 reasons why we think so below. 

Commute Faster and More Efficiently.

Commute faster and more efficiently with an electric bike. 

E-bikes are faster than the traditional bicycle because they have a motor that can either give your ride a full throttle or assist you while you are pedaling. No more struggling while pedaling uphill. E-bikes provide an extra push in some of the toughest riding circumstances. Electric Bikes not only allow you to go faster, but farther as well! Simply cover more distance in much less time to get to wherever your adventure takes you. 

Electric Bikes are also great for saving money on gas and parking fees if you plan on riding to work everyday. Easily skip traffic and save more at the pump with your own e-bike. Getting around town or exploring the outdoors has truly never been easier. 

Exercise On Your Commute 

An E-Bike is great for short commutes. You can get a bit of exercise while you’re getting to work, going to the store or heading to the park after a long day. This makes getting out of the house fun and something to look forward to on a daily basis! E-Bikes are great for long commutes as well. If your commute is longer than 10 miles, an Electric Bike will be a great option that is much easier than public transportation and a better ride than driving. 

Just because you own an E-Bike, doesn’t mean you can’t treat it like a traditional bicycle at the same time. If you’re looking for some good exercise simply, turn off the throttle or pedal assist mode and get to pedaling. Don’t worry, the pedal-assist will always be there for you if you get tired! 


E-bikes are eco-friendly because of their electric motors. Electric Bike don't rely on fossil fuels or oil to function, but rather electricity from solar panels or a wall outlet. E-Bikes are great for those who are environmentally conscious and looking to make a difference in our World’s footprint. Electric bikes have much lower emissions than cars, as they are more efficient and don't need to burn fuel to go anywhere (However, you will have to consider the emissions of electricity generation). Contribute to a more sustainable planet by reducing your carbon footprint today by eliminating harmful emissions entering the atmosphere. 

Riding an E-Bike doesn't produce any emissions, which means it's better for our environment than vehicles that run on fossil fuels such as gasoline or diesel fuel. There's no more worrying about air quality either since these bikes pump out zero emissions while being operated properly. This removes any harmful substances from being put into the atmosphere through combustion processes such as those found within gasoline engines.

Financially Friendly 

E-bikes are financially friendly. You may be thinking that getting an e-bike will mean you'll have to sell your car and ride everywhere on a bike. Not so! One of the best things about e-bikes is that they can be used for commuting, where many people drive their cars to work every day. With an e-bike, you can save money by not having to pay for fuel, parking fees or insurance premiums. In addition, you won't need to pay for bus tickets or Ubers anymore because you can easily reach your destination without any additional expenses. 

You know the saying, time is money. Stop wasting time waiting in standstill traffic. Easily breeze past traffic and get to where you want fast! 

Adventure More 

When you buy an e-bike, you can go anywhere you want to go. An electric bike can be used on a variety of terrains and in many different situations. E-Bikes are high powered and make for a smooth ride. With an electric bike you can easily navigate mountain biking trails or scenic routes. No need to sweat getting over a hill again when you have a motor to back you up. 

No need to worry about limitations that you would have with a car or other motor vehicle. Electric Bikes also don’t always have a need to store or transport to get to your adventure. Most bikes have a range of 20+ miles, making it easy to get to and from your destination, depending on your journey. 

If you're in a hilly area, you know that making it to the top can feel like an impossible feat without a vehicle with a motor. It's not fun to push your bike up hill after hill with no end in sight. Luckily, electric bikes (aka e-bikes) are here to save the day!

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