Newest Releases - Spring 2023

Newest Releases - Spring 2023
Enjoy our newest releases for the Spring of 2023 below featuring the Eunorau URUS, Eunorau Specter-S, Eunorau Flash, and Ecotric Explorer!


Eunorau has been busy to start off 2023! Eunorau is an electric bike brand that is celebrated for its cutting edge technology and commitment to innovation. Eunorau has produced electric bikes for over 14 years and has offices throughout America. Check out what Eunorau has been up to below. 

Eunorau URUS

Eunorau URUS Electric Bike

The Eunorau URUS electric bike is a premium option for anyone looking for a high-performance e-bike. Its 500W Bafang M600 Mid-Drive Motor is a powerhouse that provides smooth and consistent power delivery, making it easy to tackle steep hills and rough terrain. The M600 motor holds a royal flush of specs: mid-drive, 500w, 1 torque sensor with 2 speed sensors, 120 N.m torque.The 48V 17.5Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery offers impressive range, allowing riders to cover up to 50 miles on a single charge. 

The suspension system on the URUS is top-of-the-line, featuring a Suntour XCR 32 air suspension fork with 120mm of travel and a Suntour Raidon rear shock, providing riders with a comfortable and smooth ride. The bike's display is a bright and easy-to-read LCD screen that displays speed, distance, battery level, and other key metrics. Finally, the URUS comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring riders can stop quickly and safely. Overall, the Eunorau URUS electric bike is a premium option that offers high-quality components and top-of-the-line performance, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a top-performing e-bike.Explore some additional highlights below: 

  • Top Speed: 28 MPH
  • Range: 40-50 Miles
  • 5 Pedal Assist Options 
  • Recommended Rider Height: 5'3"-6'4"
  • Total Payload Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Available Colors: Moon Black and White


Shop the Eunorau URUS today for just $4,699. 

Eunorau 2023 Specter-S 


Eunorau 2023 Specter-S Electric Bike


The Specter-S is a high powered and dual battery option electric mountain bike. Take rides into your own hands with a Bafang 48V 1000W mid motor with 160nm of torque. Enjoy the smoothest riding experience with a torque sensor as well as pedal-assist and throttle options. Adventure more and take your ride anywhere with a full suspension system. Explore some additional highlights below: 

  • Range: Up to 65 miles (With Secondary Battery) 
  • Front & Rear 180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • KENDA 26" x 4.0" Sport Tires
  • Recommended Rider Height: 5'3"-6'1"
  • Total Payload Capacity: 440 lbs

Shop the 2023 Eunorau Specter today for just $3,799.

Eunorau Flash


Eunorau Flash Electric Bike

The newest bike on our list is the Eunorau Flash. The Flash is currently in the pre-production stages with shipping expected in September of 2023. Enjoy the ultimate customization with the newest models. Choose from a Rear Drive, AWD, or Mid-Drive motor for your next ride. Also, select from several battery options that range from single, double, and even a triple battery to maximize your rides! The standard Flash is equipped with a 52V 16Ah battery, with add-on or upgradeable options. 

Enjoy a smooth ride with 26" x 4.0" City Tires. Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes ensure safety wherever you may be traveling to. A full color LCD display allows you to view your speed, miles, charge your mobile device, and fully track your rides within the Eunorau Go mobile app. Explore some additional highlights below: 

  • Motor Options
    • Rear-Drive: 48V 750W
    • AWD: 48V 1500W (750W Dual Motor)
    • Mid-Drive: 48V 1000W 
  • Torque Sensor
  • Range: Up to 220 miles (Triple Battery Option)
  • Recommended Rider Height: 5'2"-6'4"
  • Total Payload Capacity: 440 lbs


Shop the 2023 Eunorau Flash today for just $1,499.

Ecotric Explorer


Ecotric Explorer Electric Bike

The Ecotric Explorer is a fantastic option for anyone seeking an affordable but high-quality e-bike. Its 48V 750W Rear Hub Motor provides ample power for most terrain, making it easy to navigate hills and slopes. The 48V 13Ah lithium-ion battery offers a decent range, allowing riders to travel up to 33 miles on a single charge. 

The bike's suspension system provides a comfortable ride, with its RST suspension fork with 80mm of travel and a Mozo suspension shock absorber. The Explorer also features a large and clear LCD display that shows essential information such as speed, distance, and battery level. The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, ensuring a safe and secure ride. Overall, the Ecotric Explorer electric bike is a great option for those who want an affordable e-bike without sacrificing quality and performance. Explore some additional highlights below: 

  • Class 2 E-Bike
  • Range: 18-33 Miles
  • 5 Pedal Assist Options
  • 26"x4.0 Anti-Skidding Fat Tires
  • Total Payload Capacity: 265 lbs

Shop the Ecotric Explorer today for just $1,569.

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