Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Bicycle

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Bicycle - Rider Cycles

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Bicycle

This modern form of transportation has been in the limelight in recent years and for good reason. Yes, we are talking about electric bikes which have become an excellent replacement for traditional bikes. Electric Bicycles offer an eco-friendly option that allows riders an alternative to conventional forms of transportation like cars and buses. This change in transportation provides riders with exhilarating trips to the store, work, school and explorations in mountains, beaches or hillsides. According to Bloomberg, Electric Bicycles actually outpaced the rising sales of Electric Cars throughout 2021. This is a trend that we will all likely continue to see more of in the future. 

Electric Bicycles are available in many sizes, shapes, and consist of different motors & batteries that control speed levels. All of these options can be overwhelming for riders looking to purchase their first ever electric bicycle. It is important to truly understand all of the key components of a bicycle before purchasing to ensure the utmost quality and safety in every riding experience. 

Electric Bicycle Speed Options: 

Electric Bikes provide three different speed options for riders to choose from (Pedal, pedal-assist, and throttle). The pedal option is exactly what it sounds like and is solely powered by the rider. This speed option is what traditional bikes have always offered. The Pedal-Assist option allows riders to get assistance while they continue to pedal by engaging the throttle. Pedal-Assist decreases the amount of energy a rider has to put forth and provides more range than the next option. The final speed option is used by solely using the throttle. Riders can simply accelerate the throttle and enjoy their ride without having to pedal. Electric Bikes are typically limited to a maximum speed of 20MPH in throttle mode. 

Classes of Electric Bicycles: 

Electric Bikes consist of 3 different classes that are defined by the speed capabilities of the bicycle. The grouping of these three classes provide different experiences and price points for each rider. Let’s explore each class in greater detail: 

  1.  Class 1

Class 1 Electric Bikes provide Riders with the pedal and pedal-assist features. These bicycles can reach up to 20MPH while using the pedal-assist feature, but will stop providing acceleration assistance once 20MPH is reached. Class 1 Electric Bicycles tend to be the most affordable of the three classes. 

  1. Class 2 

Class 2 Electric Bikes provide riders with pedal, pedal-assist, and throttle options. Riders have the opportunity to reach up to 20MPH in throttle mode without having to pedal. The overall power of these bikes make them perfect for the average rider by giving the option to ride for exercise, fun, or simply needing assistance getting up a steep hill. Class 2 Bikes have restrictions in some locations for safety purposes. Some traditional mountain bike paths will permit the use of bikes with throttles. 

  1. Class 3

Class 3 Electric Bikes are the most premium and high-powered bicycles available on the market today. These bikes are often made for faster riding on streets and paths which makes this class ideal for the average commuter. Class 3 bikes typically feature more powerful motors and are able to reach 20MPH while using the throttle and up to 28MPH while using the pedal-assist mode. The power of these bikes are perfect for riders that encounter headwinds and steep paths. Most Class 3 Bicycles are typically prohibited from bicycle paths and hiking trails. 

For more information on rules and regulations in your area please visit People for Bikes.



Benefits of Electric Bikes:

Electric Bicycles have many benefits compared to the traditional bicycle. Electric bikes require much less physical effort in pedaling to get riders from Point A to Point B by utilizing the pedal-assist and throttle modes. Riders have more opportunities to enjoy riding and ride much longer distances than a rider on a traditional bike. The power of the motor makes what used to be difficult rides much easier by assisting each rider when needed in strong headwinds or steep hills. 

  1. Speed Assistance

Speed assistance allows for much more enjoyable rides and allows for riders to go to places they wouldn’t be able to with a regular bike. The pedal-assist and throttle features make it easy to enjoy the surroundings and the entire ride. Struggling up steep hills or getting tired from long rides is a thing of the past for electric bicycle owners. 

  1. Range 

It is undisputed that Electric Bicycles provide longer rides than the traditional bike. Each electric bicycle has a set range for each pedal-assist and throttle option. The range of each electric bicycle can vary between 20-100 miles depending on the battery and speed option being utilized. 

  1. Commuting Benefits 

Have you ever been stuck in standstill traffic or had to pay $5 a gallon for gas? Most people have unfortunately experienced at least one of those two scenarios. Electric bikes take away that frustration on the road at the pump by allowing riders with an eco-friendly, rechargeable ride. Commuting on an electric bike also makes it easier to navigate heavy traffic in cities. 

  1. Foldable Options

Some electric bikes come in foldable options which make them easy to transport while traveling. Simply fold the bike to transport in a car, train, bus, or simply to create more storage space. This is a great option for riders that love to explore or live in spaces with potentially tight living quarters. 

Is There an Age Limit for Electric Bicycle Riders? 

There are currently no age limits for riders on Class 1 and 2 electric bicycles. Due to the speed capabilities, Class 3 has an age requirement of 16+ for all riders. 



Are You a Good Fit For an Electric Bicycle? 

We’ve spent time discussing all of the basic intricacies of electric bicycles and how they compare to the traditional bikes that we all grew up riding. Times have changed and a whole new generation of riders are experiencing the possibilities that electric bicycles bring to their daily lives. The only question that remains is whether or not you would enjoy a more exhilarating ride, a new commuting lifestyle, and contributing to an eco-friendly wave that will only continue to grow? 

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